Exploragen DNA Test Kit: Genetic Sleep Traits Report + Sleep Tracker (SlumberType) powered by Helix

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EXPLORE YOUR SLEEP DNA: Discover all the ways your DNA is associated with your sleep traits including how long it takes you to fall asleep, how long you stay asleep, the quality of your sleep, and your genetic similarity to self-reported “morning” or “evening” persons. TRACK DAILY TO OPTIMIZE OUR SLEEP: Don’t just track your sleep, track other factors that may impact sleep, like exercise, alcohol intake and meditation, enabling you to correlate them with your sleep patterns and fine-tune accordingly. GAIN INSIGHT INTO YOUR DAY: Your sleep DNA isn’t just about nighttime. Receive insights about how your sleep DNA results affect other areas of your life like diet, exercise, caffeine consumption and even task management. FALL ASLEEP AND WAKE UP WITH HELP: Customize your alarm, fall asleep to natural sleep sounds, and wake up in the way that is best for you, available exclusively in the SlumberType iOS app.


  • Personalized sleep profile based on your DNA test results, environment, and behaviors
  • Understand how your DNA affects the way you sleep so you can start getting better rest
  • Track your habits that may impact sleep, like exercise and alcohol intake, and fine-tune accordingly
  • Use the SlumberType iOS app to customize your alarm clock for easy habit tracking and more
  • With Helix, one saliva sample gets you access to more DNA products in fitness, nutrition, entertainment and more. Already sequenced by Helix or already have a Helix kit? Go to to learn more


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