Reveal DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit


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1. Select appropriate envelope of buccal swabs from the DNA Collection Kit and open. Your choices are: • Alleged Father • Child • Additional Tested Party (biological mother or other relative) 2. Open the swab wrapper at the end opposite the cotton tips of swabs. When ready to test, remove swabs from package but do not touch the cotton tips. Set all three aside on a clean, sterile surface. 3. Before testing, complete the information requested on the swab envelope in blue or black ink only including Role (i.e., Child) and Race (i.e., Hispanic). Set envelope aside on clean, sterile surface. 4. Open mouth wide, rub the inside of one cheek firmly in a back and forth motion with a swab, rotating the cotton tip to ensure the entire surface of the swab is covered. Spend a full 30 seconds with this procedure. This will allow maximum collection of cell samples; if insufficient DNA is collected, you may need to retest. 5. Place the used swab, cotton tip downward, in the envelope but do not seal the envelope. 6. Repeat steps (4) and (5) with a second swab, on the opposite inside cheek, then place it in the envelope. If the third (extra) swab is unused, dispose of it. 7. Seal the envelope with tape (do not lick the envelope). 8. Repeat steps (1) through (7) for each party from whom you wish to collect samples. Don’t forget to label each DNA sample envelope correctly and use two provided buccal swabs for each tested party. 9. Complete and sign the Client Information Form. 10. Send payment, the test swabs in sealed envelopes, and Client Form to American Screening Corp. using the enclosed postage -paid envelope. NOTE: Detach the portion of the Testing Kit that displays your Reference Number and put it in a safe place for future reference.


  • Reveal DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit includes three buccal (cheek) swabs each for the alleged father, the child, and the biological mother (her testing is optional).
  • Two swabs are to be used with each testing; the third swab is an extra.
  • Additional persons may also be tested for an additional fee.
  • $125 Laboratory Fee required when sending the samples to the lab for processing.


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