AGS Lite Health & Wellness Genetic Test – Most Comprehensive DNA Test

AGS Lite Health & Wellness Genetic Test – Most Comprehensive DNA Test

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Make Optimal Health Your Goal in 2017. • Safe, secure, accurate, actionable DNA testing that includes a free one-on-one consultation with a nutritionist • Most comprehensive Health & Wellness Genetic Test available on the market (58 SNPs and 52 genes that are most relevant to your overall health, diet and exercise) • Offers insight into: general health, risk of obesity, food choice, exercise and activity, behavior and motivation, and nutrients • One test, one time, simple cheek swab gives you a lifetime of understanding about your health • Provide a cheek swab using our at-home kit and send it back, results ready in 2-3 weeks


  • Revolutionize the way you tailor your nutrition and dietary needs to your personal biology.
  • Using the latest discoveries in genetic research, the AGS Lite Health & Wellness Genetic Test analyzes 26 genes, including vitamin deficiencies, exercise impact and favorable physical training methods.
  • You will discover what diet and exercises are best for you, find out which nutrients you may be deficient in, and learn about your appetite and food sensitivities.
  • Possessing the knowledge of your genetic information can empower you to make informed decisions about your body and lifestyle.
  • AGS adheres to strict confidentiality and privacy laws that ensure that genetic information is kept private or only shared with your physician. Unlike several other genetic companies, AGS does not sell or transfer any personal data to any third parties.

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