Canine HealthCheck – Dog Genetic DNA Disease & Trait Test

Canine HealthCheck – Dog Genetic DNA Disease & Trait Test

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The Canine Health Check Genetic DNA Disease and Trait Test Kit for Dogs screens your dog’s buccal sample on a genetic level to look for the traits that could tell you what diseases your dog might develop. Mutations in your dog’s DNA can be telltale signs that it will develop certain disease or health issues in its lifetime and this test will determine those mutations.

All you need to do is take a buccal sample of your dog’s cheek with the enclosed sterile swabs and send them in the enclosed pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope to our laboratory for testing. Collecting the sample takes only 30 seconds and does not require the presence of a veterinarian. You can perform the collection in your own home.

This Dog DNA test can identify over 150 different diseases and ailments your dog might be in danger of developing based on its DNA. Using technology that used to only be available to purebred dog breeders, our laboratory of expertly trained geneticists, veterinarians and technicians meticulously test your dog’s cheek cells for possible mutations in its DNA that would make it vulnerable to particular threats.

Once you have shipped your dog’s sample to the laboratory, you will receive results in 7 to 10 days after the laboratory receives the sample. Results are delivered in a secure online environment. You can choose to share them with your veterinarian to give them more insight into your pet’s health or you can choose to keep them confidential.

Other Sample Collection Methods Include:

  • Umbilical Cords
  • Dried Blood Spots (Collected by a Trained Professional Only)
  • Whole Blood (Collected by a Trained Professional Only)


  • Screen your dog for over 150 dog diseases and traits from the comfort of your home
  • Simply swab the inside of your dog’s mouth for 30 seconds and send us back the swab in the pre-paid return kit
  • Test results indicate whether your dog is a carrier for any of the 150 diseases tested and are available online within 7-10 business days from date of receipt
  • Canine genetic screen kit includes: 2 sterile swabs, a prepaid USPS return label, and detailed instructions on how to properly collect the sample
  • Please note: This is NOT a DNA Breed Test, you are ordering a Genetic Screening for 150 canine diseases

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