Cherokee DNA Test Plus

Cherokee DNA Test Plus

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Cherokee DNA Test Plus. Ideal for confirming family traditions of Cherokee descent.

Your DNA forensic profile is determined at the lab and is then put into a population database with two Cherokee populations and 30 other possible Native American matches, including North Carolina, Florida, Canadian aboriginal peoples, Navajo, Mexican Indian, Maya, Alaskan and South American indigenous groups.

If either of the Cherokee populations comes up in your strongest world matches you receive a Cherokee ancestry certificate attached to your report.

If no Cherokee is indicated but you have other significant Native American matches, you receive a Native American certificate instead.

Once you have your results you can choose to upgrade to the full product, Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus, and receive a complete analysis of all your ancestry.

Notice: If you have already done the Cherokee DNA Test you don’t need to do this one. You can see the examples placed in the photos so you can have an instance of the results.


  • DNA test ordered by clients who want more Cherokee detail than or 23andme provide.
  • Custom DNA ancestry report, listing your family’s ancestral origins, ranked in order of predominance and recent history.
  • If the DNA submitted qualifies you will receive a personalized certificate documenting your test and its results.
  • Discover if you have genetic Cherokee ancestry and if it is strong enough to qualify for a “Cherokee Match Certificate“.
  • With this advanced cheek-swab test you can find out if you specifically have Cherokee Indian genetic ancestry.


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