Dog DNA – Canine Breed Identification Test – Home Cheek Swab Kit

Dog DNA – Canine Breed Identification Test – Home Cheek Swab Kit

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The DNA Breed Identification Test will identify the prevalent breeds in your dog’s DNA. These characteristics provide a better understanding of the dog’s behavior, potential health risks and personality.

The DNA of any dog governs the appearance of the dog as well as being related to the general behavioral characteristics of the breed. In recent years, there has been a great deal of research performed on how differences in DNA give rise to the differences that are seen among breeds.

Advances in DNA testing technology mean that it has become possible to identify the ancestry of any dog by performing a simple test using a cheek swab. The DNA required for the test to be run is isolated from cells that are trapped on the swab. All cells carry the same genetic material, regardless of the type or location in the animal. Taking a cheek swab is therefore the easiest way to obtain the samples needed for testing.

Acquiring genetic breed heritage knowledge will help educate you about your dog and his or her special health and behavior traits. You can now be proactive about many of the important factors affecting your dog’s life. You possess insight into your dog’s unique genetic background, including the history of their breed, personality traits, exercise levels, and much more! You have information on any diseases your dog may be predisposed to. Please make sure to discuss any health issues with your vet and be proactive before any serious illness strikes.


  • With a simple cheek swab, you can uncover DNA-based insights that may help you understand your dog’s unique appearance, behaviors and wellness needs.
  • Results include a custom photo certificate of your dog’s breed composition and a report on your dog’s dominant breeds, personality traits, and health concerns.
  • Acquiring genetic breed knowledge about your dog will help you be more pro-active about the wellness of your pet. This test will help you to learn or confirm the breeds in you dog.
  • Results are available approximately two weeks from receipt of sample.
  • Our tests have successfully been used in court to exempt dogs showing characteristics of certain breeds (e.g., pit bull) from misguided discriminatory legislation.

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