Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results | 200K Genetic Markers

Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results | 200K Genetic Markers

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The Embark Dog DNA Test tells you more than you ever thought possible about your dog. The test tracks about 200,000 genetic markers, offering breed identification as well as key insights into genetic disease risk and heritable traits.

Until recently, a conscientious dog owner who wanted to know if their dog was at risk for genetic diseases had to research their dog’s breed (if they knew it) and run several tests through multiple labs for many hundreds of dollars. Now, Embark tests for 160+ genetic conditions all on a single platform, enabling dog owners to better understand their dog’s health, plan for their future, and provide the most personalized care possible.

Embark provides you with a comprehensive look at your dog’s genetic makeup. You can then use the information to make the best choices about your pup’s health, diet, exercise, and overall wellness. You’ll understand your dog better, perhaps unlock your mutt’s hidden talents, and have some good fun in the process!

Unlike products currently on the market, Embark goes beyond breed identification and explains why a dog looks, sheds, and plays the way it does. As the company uncovers new genetic disease markers, Embark will retroactively update your results where feasible, giving you life-long insight and discovery. Dogs are more likely to be affected with a genetic disease than their human companions. Embark looks at mutations that occur in each breed in your dog to determine if he or she is at risk of developing a genetic disease.

This information is provided to owners as a Vet Report, designed specifically for owners to bring to their vets to help guide healthcare decisions. Knowing a dog’s genetic predisposition for a disease can help owners take precautionary measures and know early warning signs to watch for. This way you can avoid costly veterinary bills, like $1000 for an emergency overnight stay at a veterinary hospital.


  • RESULTS: Your Embark results are delivered through an interactive guide and can be viewed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. You can also download and print a summary report if you prefer to browse the reports on paper. A Vet Report allows you to easily share the results with your veterinarian to incorporate them into your dog’s care.
  • HEALTH: Keep your dog healthy, longer. Embark could help save your dog’s sight, prevent early death from heart disease, and so much more. Discover a plan for healthy aging with Embark’s comprehensive genetic testing that lets you see more about your dog than ever before. Extend your dog’s healthspan by testing for genetic diseases that occur later in life including glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, three of the most common adult onset diseases in dogs.
  • TRAITS: Give your dog a trait! Learn why your dog is unique, from the tip of the nose to the shape of the toes – plus everything in between. Where other tests just tell you the breeds in your dog, Embark actually looks at the genetic basis of appearance to explain why your dog looks the way it does. See how closely your dog resembles other Embark dogs with the same trait genes, even if their breed mix is different!
  • PROVEN & TESTED: Most accurate breed identification available: Embark tests over 200,000 genetic markers and builds your breed mix chromosome by chromosome. Built by experts, partnered with Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, certified by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, trusted by professional dog breeders & veterinary hospitals.
  • THE BOTTOM LINE: With over 20 times more genetic information than any other test on the market, the Embark DNA test gives you and your veterinarian the most comprehensive picture of your dog’s genetic health and ancestry. Embark with us and join the cutting edge of canine health and genetic research.

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