EURO DNA Fingerprint Test

EURO DNA Fingerprint Test

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Most Americans come from European immigrants, but few know the precise countries where their various ancestors probably originated. Even Europeans have diverse national heritages. This new DNA test captures all available Euro data in the academic field of forensic science and gives you your top European matches. It does not look at world matches or non-European background.

Recommended also for African Americans, since they have, on average, about 25% Caucasian (European) genes. British? Scandinavian? Mediterranean? Central European? Find out your country matches today with this amazing industry “first.”

You Get:

– STR DNA test by an accredited forensics laboratory
– shipment of cheek-swab collection kit & consent documentation
– FREE sample return envelope through the USPS (just drop it in the mail)
– 2-3 week turnaround once sample is received at our laboratory
– Email delivery of your Custom European Ancestry Report in .pdf format
– eCertificate documenting your genetic results in .pdf format

Open-ended customer service to answer all your questions about your results, M-F 10am-6pm Mountain Time. Upgrades and followup tests available without retesting or re-sampling costs once your initial results are in.


  • #1 DNA test ordered by clients who want more European detail than or 23andme provide
  • Discover your genetic European ancestry down to the specific country level instead of just broad regions
  • Custom DNA ancestry report, listing your family’s ancestral countries of origin in Europe ranked in order of predominance and recent history
  • Personalized certificate documenting your test and its results
  • Ideal for exploring your genetic roots to Irish, English, Scottish, Welsh, German, Italian, French and Russian ancestry (along with many more)

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