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HomeDNA Ancestry Test

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LAB FEE INCLUDED! The HomeDNA Advanced Test for Ancestry uses a powerful DNA-testing algorithm to explain your DNA’s evolution over time. Now, you can pinpoint your ancestry more accurately than ever before!

This sophisticated DNA test for ancestry analyzes over 800,000 markers, 36 gene pools, and 862 reference populations. This test has the ability to trace a person’s signature going back 1,000 years or more and provides a level of specificity no other DNA test can replicate. Results provide pinpoint geographical information with longitude and latitude—sometimes to within a radius of 20 miles—by identifying geographic coordinates, much like a car’s GPS system.


  • Pinpoint your ancestry with GPS coordinates using the latest genetic research and methods. NOTE:
    Lab Fees is NOT included
  • DNA analysis includes over 1,000 reference populations for increased accuracy
  • Traces the migration route of both your maternal and paternal lineages back to their origins and dates the age of your DNA signature
  • Identifies when and where your DNA formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line leading to you
  • Dynamic online results feature an interactive map with zooming capabilities, and a downloadable PDF report that can be shared with family and friends

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