Hybrid Test -Wolf or Coyote Test plus Canine DNA Breed Identification Test

Hybrid Test -Wolf or Coyote Test plus Canine DNA Breed Identification Test

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DNA My Dog will test for any Wolf Hybrid in your dog AND will determine the breeds in your dog with your dog’s own unique DNA. Understanding the breeds in a dog can contribute to the better health and well-being of the dog. Tests can also be used to confirm breeds if not sure. Ideal for adopted dogs and for people with mixed breeds. After we receive your samples, they are processed and run through DNA My Dog’s extensive database of certified dog breeds. . It’s that easy! Plus You Get Even More DNA My Dog also provides you with a custom certificate with a photo of your dog stating their unique DNA composition. This one of a kind certificate is suitable for framing, and when you see it you will want to do just that! You get your results in less than 2 weeks. And you get even more. Your results also include a personalized analysis of the breeds found in your dog from our database of the most popular common breeds. This handy reference has every level of all breeds found in your dog’s DNA genetic profile PLUS it lists the unique personality traits and genetic health concerns associated with each breed. Clients have told us time and time again how useful this information has been in the training and overall well being of their dog. Your results will tell you about any diseases the breeds found in your dog are pre-disposed to so you can be pro-active about the health of your dog. This knowledge can be an invaluable tool for the well being of your dog. Act today. Order your test and see the true heritage of your dog in about two weeks. The complete package of results is included. You get a unique stamped and numbered DNA Genetic Certificate plus a custom report detailing all of the breeds found in your dog. Order today. Discover the breeds in your dog through your dog’s own unique DNA. LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED!


  • Sold directly from the Lab. Return shipping included. This test is a regular DNA MY Dog Breed test PLUS a Hybrid test telling you if there is Wolf in your dog. DNA MY Dog will determine the breeds in your dog through a simple, at-home DNA cheek swab kit. Results include a report on all of the breeds we find in your dog’s DNA, by percentage. Results also include a custom certificate and report.
  • Results in two weeks or less upon receipt of sample.
  • Includes Breed Determination Report and Canine Breed DNA Analysis Certificate. Lists the breeds found by Level Percentage of the breeds found in your dog’s genetics.
  • An outline of the generic health concerns and personality traits for every breed found in your dog’s genetic profile
  • Acquiring genetic breed knowledge about your dog will help you be more pro-active about the wellness of your pet. This test will help you to learn or confirm the breeds in you dog. 100% Satisfaction.

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