Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus Test

Native American DNA Fingerprint Plus Test

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This is the Native American version of our exclusive, best-selling DNA Fingerprint Test. It examines all your ancestral lines at once, Native and non-Native, including European ancestry, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from. The Native American tribes and population matches, markers and metapopulation frequency index confirm, within the limitations of our data:

  • What Indian tribes you have the most affinity with.
  • Which Native American markers you have and how many of them, plus whether you got Native American markers from one parent or both.
  • How common or rare your DNA profile is in American Indians.

The test and ethnic panel also detail any European, Middle Eastern, African or Asian ancestry. You receive your top matches from different European countries or parts of countries, as well.

IMPORTANT: Anyone (male or female) can take this test.

Once completed you get by email:

  • Your personal, unique DNA Fingerprint according to state-of-the-art laboratory testing.
  • Custom genetic history report prepared by our researchers with details about any Native American matches.
  • 18 newly discovered ethnic markers.
  • A map of world ancestry including tribes of North and South America.

Open-ended customer service to answer all your questions about your results, M-F 10am-6pm Mountain Time. Free susbscription to DNA Communities discussion boards where you can share your results with others, including the Native American, Cherokee and Hispanic forums.


  • This DNA test examines all your ancestral lines at once, Native American and Immigrant.
  • Autosomal DNA test is non sex linked so anyone can take this test.
  • Detailed matches to your tribes in North and South America, plus all the rest of your ancestry, including a separate breakout report for countries of Europe.
  • Custom, premium DNA ancestry report showing your complete results, see description for details.
  • Ideal for exploring your genetic roots to 26 different Native Amercian Tribes including Cherokee, Navajo, Maya (and many more).

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