ORIG3N DNA Test – BLISS Personal Genetic Behavior Assessment

ORIG3N DNA Test – BLISS Personal Genetic Behavior Assessment

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ORIG3N DNA Test – BLISS Personal Genetic Behavior Assessment.

This 24-gene profile offers a deeper look into how your DNA affects your brain and how you think, feel, act, and react. If you’ve ever wondered about the links between your personality and your genes, this is for you.

At ORIG3N, we believe that when you know better, you can do better. That’s why your test results include brief explanations of your gene variants, as well as tips and lights suggestions. Knowing how your genes impact things such as your risk of dependence or addiction, or your tolerance to stress and pain can help you make lifestyle choices that are right for you.

Your test will include analysis of these key aspects of behavior: addiction, feelings, behavior, and tolerance.


  • Genetic assessment designed to help you understand how your genes influence your behavioral tendencies.
  • DNA Kit includes easy-to-follow instructions, cheek swab, and prepaid return envelope.
  • Register online or download the ORIG3N app and receive a personalized, in-depth report in 2-3 weeks with your unique behavior genetic profile.

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