Premium Male DNA Test Y-DNA

Premium Male DNA Test Y-DNA

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Our Premium Male Test analyzes your biological father’s direct male line – his father’s father’s father, and so on, all the way back — by testing the markers of your Y chromosome. This is the ideal test for surname origin and genealogy searches. Your Y chromosome is examined at 25 locations for distinctive markers called Y-STRs. The scores for the 25 Y-STRs determine your father’s male line or pedigree, which follows the surname through history.

Your father’s haplotype is searched in several Y chromosome resources and Ysearch, a database that can provide the names and contact information of males descended from the same male ancestor as you within about the past 500 years. Your report includes a world heat-map of the distribution of your haplotype showing where genetic cousins live today.

Once completed you get:

– Y chromosome laboratory report signed by chief scientific officer
– Database search results with possible links to named male relatives you can correspond with
– Surname origin and meaning (researched against over 70 expert surname sources)
– Confirmation and History with description of your father’s male line (haplotype)
– One-click access to websites and matching male cousins mentioned in your report
– Famous individuals who have your male haplogroup
– Instructions how to enter your DNA results into Ysearch, if you so choose

Open-ended customer service to answer all your questions about your results, M-F 10am-6pm Mountain Time. Upgrades and followup tests available without retesting or re-sampling costs once your initial results are in.


  • • History and descriptions of your father’s male line
  • • Y-DNA (Y chromosome) DNA Test for Male’s Ancestry and History
  • • The most comprehensive information about your outer male line (Father’s Father….)
  • • Custom, premium DNA ancestry report documenting your complete results, see description for details
  • • Ideal for exploring your paternal family history and identifying origins and individuals

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